Pembuatan Protein Sel Tunggal dari Limbah Nanas dengan Proses Fermentasi

Pawignya, Harsa (2011) Pembuatan Protein Sel Tunggal dari Limbah Nanas dengan Proses Fermentasi. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Teknik Kimia “Kejuangan” 2011. ISSN 1693 – 4393

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    Pineapple usually only consumed meat only, skin and cob are removed so that if the pile is a waste that can pollute the environment. Pineapple waste contains a lot of sucrose, glucose and nutrients , pineapple waste can be potentially utilized as a carbon source in fermentation processes of single cell protein production. Pineapple waste with 4.94% glucose levels can be used as raw material for manufacture of single cell protein by using yeast fermentation Saccaromyces Cereviceae. In this study, single cell protein production process is done by a three stage process, namely: the first stage of fermentation media, preparing materials, making the starter for the second phase of growth and activation of the yeast Saccaromyces Cereviceae shaking way for two days and the third stage is the fermentation process is the process by which proteins single cells from sugar because of the influence of enzymes produced by yeast Saccaromyces Cereviceae, then performed the analysis. From the research that has pineapple waste could be utilized further to single cell protein, the best condition was obtained at pH 4.5 with the addition of nutrients as much as 0.8 grams. Fermentation time during the two days there is an increase of protein content and weight of sediment. From a review of this fermentation process kinetics constants obtained specific growth rate (!) in the fastest time of 18 hours is 0.0562 per hour. Keyword : Fermentation

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