Karakterisasi Selai Tempurung Kelapa Muda

HR, Yuliani (2011) Karakterisasi Selai Tempurung Kelapa Muda. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Teknik Kimia “Kejuangan” 2011. ISSN 1693 – 4393

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This research aim to know addition influence of pectin and cittrate acid to unripe coconut shell of coconut jam characteristic, and looks for combination of optimal pectin and cittrate acid to yield good unripe coconut shell of coconut jam. Design of experiments applied is pattern completely randomized block design factorial which consist of two factor that is addition of pectin and cittrateacid. First factor is addition of pectin consisted of three level that is addition of pectin 0,75 %, 1,00 %, 1,25 % and second factor is addition of cittrate acid consisted of 0,50 %, 0,75 %, and 1,00 %. Parameter observed in this research is totalizing sugar, pectin rate, acid total, water content, and viscosity. Result of research indicates that treatment of addition of pectin 0.75 % and citrate acid 0.50 % yields unpire coconut shell of coconut jam with best characteristic with sugar total 68,4302%, pectin rate 0,5694 %, sour total 7,8348 mgrek/100g, water content 15,1507%, hydrogen ion exponent 3,150 and viscosity of 89600 Cps. Keywords : Jam, pectin, citrate acid, unripe acid

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Subjects: 600 Teknologi
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Date Deposited: 27 May 2011 07:20
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