Pemanfaatan Tanin dari Kulit Kayu Bakau sebagai Pengganti Gugus Fenol pada Resin Fenol Formaldehid

Danarto, YC and Ajie Prihananto, Stefanus and Anjas Pamungkas, Zery (2011) Pemanfaatan Tanin dari Kulit Kayu Bakau sebagai Pengganti Gugus Fenol pada Resin Fenol Formaldehid. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Teknik Kimia “Kejuangan” 2011. ISSN 1693 – 4393

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The increasing of wood production will increase the consumption of resin phenol formaldehyde for adhesive. In order to overcome the phenol limitation in resources , it is necessary to offer phenol substitution by tannin which has the same OH configuration. Mangrove bark contains about 26 % tannin. The objection of this research was to study the effect of ethanol concentration upon tannin extraction and to study the effect of ratio tannin : phenol : formaldehyde upon the adhesive quality. There were two step in this research, tannin extraction and phenolformaldehyde modification by tannin. Tannin extraction from mangrove bark by ethanol solution was carried in stirred flask on 70 oC for 3 hours. The result showed that ethanol concentration had proportional effect on tannin yield. Modification phenol-formaldehyde resin was carried by adding tannin in different ratios (10%, 20%, or 40% of the phenol weight) with NaOH catalyst (pH 9) and mixed in stirred flask on 85 oC for 2.5 hours. The modificated adhesive was tested by shear test and tensile test. The result showed that modificated adhesive had better shear test compare to non-modificated adhesive for adding tannin not more than 20 % wt phenol but there was an opposite result for tensile test. The optimum result was shown on adding tannin 20 % of phenol weight.( shear test 46.305 kg/cm2 and tensile test 13.582 kg/cm2). It was concluded that tannin can be used as phenol substitution for phenol-formaldehyde adhesive. Keywords: mangrove bark, tannin, phenol-formaldehyde adhesive

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Date Deposited: 27 May 2011 07:20
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