The Contesation of Meaning and Dramatism Indonesia (Political Communication Study of Reformation in

Suparno, Basuki Agus (2010) The Contesation of Meaning and Dramatism Indonesia (Political Communication Study of Reformation in. PhD thesis, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta.

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    This reserch is political communication study that focus to the poliiical language involving any intcrpetrtion and clash of argument to Reformation in Indonesia Tho man's capasfiy to givo interprotation refleot tho human being's capasity for comrnrmieatlon in giving selectio& refle*ion and deflecdon of realis. Faotalg, any social proble,ms oan be caused of interpretation to the meaning The quarrel, misporeoptio4 misrndor*anding misleadirig ovon oonfliot as wolf as war'oan be caused of lnteryrcation to ncanlng. Eased on this descrlpdon, the research problcrn is how the cqrtostdion of meaning of Reformation perform in the polidcal dnamatism during 199? to 1998 in InJonosia and how any political a6ors pedorm fteir polttical communicarion ebout Refonnation tn frese political dramatism. This rosanch use Ihamatism apprcach devol@ by Kenneth Burte who oonooivo tho human bsing as tho spnbdlieal snnnd whisb irse tanguage (the most itnpofiart) forhis communicatlon driven by notives. Datawhich is usd In this rcsearch is Kompas daily during lw7 to 1998 by slvins attention to statomonts as a nfiolo er4proseed by ac'tbrs in this contentioir and is-sup'portod and galned tluough interviows. This researeb appllec the Penud Analysh ftat scrutinize the analytic relation ainong soene, acq agpng ag€ncy and purpose. The tpsults point out that there are five objeotive situadons wfiich form the oonto# of Reformation reflwting of the scene or sage *'here Reformafion was contcnlioll First context of the prcsident election for five -vear t€,nns 1998-2003 that point out the clash of argurnent among positions whieh thoso who support hesidont Soeharto and deny him. Secon{ conte)il of strid€Nrt demonstratlon polnt or* thc contention betneen thme who stop this dion and those who eirlnrge this action to toppl€ Now order rogimo and President so€bsrts. Thirq riot and massive desfuc$on that polnt out thc coiltext of contention betwwn actors .rho conceivc it as civil disobedience and s*chl justice. Forrdr, economic crisis that ehow thc contcntion bctrveen good governmce praetiees in eoonomio polieies in one side and, the otherside Fotectlonism, monopoty, crony aud comrytion. Fiftfi, armed forces dillemas betwcen give Refrrrmdim moving msturity or take s6ict aod rcpressive action to sustain the outleni lxrw€tr Finally, nesiOen Soohano rcsigned, New Orde.r was topple4 l)rilifunesi ABRI dismisc4 rJUD 45 was amende4 freedom of orpession arrd press was opened, and power was fairly compctcd. This rosearch seriously imptied to politiog his0ory, and oommrmication Itself in social novemeot oontext. Keyword: Ccntestatioq Preformatiou Meming and Lrramatisrn

    Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
    Subjects: 300 Ilmu Sosial
    Divisions: Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik > Komunikasi
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    Date Deposited: 16 Jun 2011 08:55
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