Produksi Mikroalga Berbiomasa Tinggi dalam Bioreaktor Open

Hadiyanto, Hadiyanto and Istiyanto Samidjan, Istiyanto Samidjan and Andri Cahyo Kumoro, Andri Cahyo Kumoro and Silviana, Silviana Produksi Mikroalga Berbiomasa Tinggi dalam Bioreaktor Open. Produksi Mikroalga Berbiomasa Tinggi dalam Bioreaktor Open.

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    In 2025, it has been estimated that due to lack of fossil oil as the main energy sources will significantly affect to Indonesia’s energy crisis. Therefore, the attemps to search new alternative of energy source are highly importantl. The biodiesel from current sources (Jatropha, palm oil, and soy) are not yet able to cover all the needs if the fossil oil can not be explored anymore. In this research, the use of microalgae was proposed as the new potential of energy (biodiesel) sources. The current problem of large scale cultivation is low yield of biomass due to no optimality in the bioreactor design and operation. This research aims to design an efficient bioreactor, cheap and able to produce high cell density algae culture. For this purpose, an open pond type of bioreactor was selected and by facilitating Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) the hydrodynamic properties of this bioreactor can be evaluated. The evaluations were perfomed for length (L) and width (W) ratio, power consumption, and dead zones in the bioreactor under turbulent flow simulation. The resukt showed that L/W ratio more than 10 is optimal for open pond bioreactor. Moreover, this resercah also showed that at Rembang and Jepara coasts, we can isolated the strain which have high potential for biodiesel sources (oil content:20-30%) Keywords: Microalgae, Chlorella, CFD, Open pond

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