Pupuk Organik, Peluang dan Kendalanya

Sentana, Suharwaji Pupuk Organik, Peluang dan Kendalanya. Pupuk Organik, Peluang dan Kendalanya. (Submitted)

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    It is well known that using chemical fertilizers increases agricultural productions that could be proven by obtaining the rice self sufficiency. It, however, improper using chemical fertilizers resulted in land degradation and environment pollution. Therefore, chemical fertilizers utilization must be reduced or controlled into the right number. To reach this situation it could be applied organic fertilizers or compost that can be processed quickly and easily as the technique are simply and raw materials, such as agricultural wastes are available everywhere in abundantly. Organic fertilizers or composts are bulky materials, those, however, have various advantages, for examples: increase agricultural production and could reduce chemical fertilizer usage significantly. Increasing demands of agricultural and food organic in the world, specially Indonesia and supporting the Indonesia Government to realize a Go Organic 2010 program will increase using organic fertilizers and reduce using chemical fertilizers. Various constraint, advantages, processing and how to improve the quality of organic fertilizers will be deeply discussed in this paper. Keywords: Composts, Constrains, Engineering, Prospect, Organic fertilizers

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