Tinjauan Kinetika Pembuatan Rose Wine

Pawignya, Harsa and Widayati, Tunjung Wahyu and Putra, Datu and Akbar, Putra Tinjauan Kinetika Pembuatan Rose Wine. Tinjauan Kinetika Pembuatan Rose Wine. (Submitted)

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    Indonesia produced in many different types of fruits, but fruit has qualities not easily rot if directly consumed, so that some of these fruits discarded before reaching the consumer. One type of fruits that exists in Indonesia is a fruit wine (ghvino), is a fruit that is popular and widely consumed by many people, usually grapes can be consumed directly can also make a fermented beverage product of grapes. In alcoholic beverages to manufacturing industry, the grape was widely used, but the influence of the addition of sugar and the reaction rate constants in the wine fermentation process has not been much studied. In this research will be studied it Rose Wine Wine types of wine, pink or pink wine made from red, in this fermentation reaction kinetics will be studied fermentation of wine. Making Wine Rose Wine types can be done in steps: Making Liquid Fruit wine (Must), making the starter and continue the fermentation process. Fermentation process is done by way of fruit plus starter fluid then sealed cork and sealed with water. within 8 days of fermentation process is stopped From the research results obtained optimum results with the following conditions: Temperature: 30 º C: pH: 4: Volume juice wine: 200 ml: Volume starter: 10% v / v: Addition of sugar: 10% w / v: Left fermentation: 10 day. From a review of alcohol fermentation kinetics in the best conditions, the obtained Michaelis Constant - Menten (Km)= 0.19409 gram/ml maximum reaction velocity (Vmax) = 0.06784 gram/(ml.jam)

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