Enzyme Separation and Purification using Electrofiltration x

Permadi, Adi and I gede, Wenten Enzyme Separation and Purification using Electrofiltration x. Enzyme Separation and Purification using Electrofiltration x. (Submitted)

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    Membrane-based processes are playing critical role in the field of separation/purification of biotechnological products. Membranes became an integral part of biotechnology and improvements in membrane technology are now focused on high resolution of bioproduct. This manuscript provides an overview of recent developments and published literature in membrane technology, focusing on Electrofiltration.. that are now used for the separation and purification of enzymes. Electrofiltration present to overcome problems with fouling and concentration polarization in crossflow ultrafiltration of enzymes by using electrophoretic force. The result is an enhanced flux. The technique has many application. It has been successfully used on biomelecules [1], proteins [2] cleaning of waste water [3] inorganic metallic compounds [4] and water soluble polymers Keyword : Electrofiltration, Electro-Ultrafiltration, Enzyme, proteins, Electric field  Corresponding

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