Pemanfaatan Sampah Taman (Rumput-Rumputan) untuk Pembuatan Kompos

Salim, Takiyah and Sriharti, Sriharti Pemanfaatan Sampah Taman (Rumput-Rumputan) untuk Pembuatan Kompos. Pemanfaatan Sampah Taman (Rumput-Rumputan) untuk Pembuatan Kompos. (Submitted)

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    The utilization of garden waste for compost making with windrow system have been done. Variable of compost making consist of raw material composition namely grass cuttings, rice bran, saw dust, dung manure of goats, and dung manure of cows. The quality of compost which were observed at the end of composting process were pH value, moisture content, total Nitrogen, organic C, P2O5, K2O, MgO, S, Fe, Mn, Zn , Al, weight loss percent, texture, color and odour of compost. pH measure with pH meter, moisture content analized with gravimetric method, Nitrogen analized with kjedahl method, C-organik, P2O5 and Al analyzed with spectrometric method, K2O analized with flame method, Ca, MgO, S, Na, Se, Mn and Zn analized with AAS method. Result of this experiment showed that parameters chemical and physical quality of the compost were fitted with compost spesification from domestic organic waste in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 19-7030-2004, the soil like texture, color and odour, 31 oC of temperature. Composting process occured within 17 – 19 days, 35,6 – 45,7 % of weight lost . Key words : compost making, grasses, utilization of garden waste

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