Modifikasi Limbah Abu Layang sebagai Material Baru Adsorben

Mufrodi, Zahrul and Sutrisno, Bachrun and Hidayat, Arif Modifikasi Limbah Abu Layang sebagai Material Baru Adsorben. Modifikasi Limbah Abu Layang sebagai Material Baru Adsorben. (Submitted)

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    Abundant reserves of coal make this material a choice of fuel replacement, especially for the industry. But the use of coal is not without risk, the imperfect combustion of coal product fly ash. The presence of silica and alumina used components from fly ash can be synthesized in a structure similar to zeolite or known as zeolite like material (ZLM). This study aims to synthesize ZLM from fly ash as dye adsorbent of textile industry waste. Use of fly ash are expected to increase the economic value of industrial solid waste of power plants. Fly ash was Activated by mixing with an sulphuric acid solution (H2SO4) for 4 hours with reflux. Then the solid and solution are separated by filtration. Solid was neutralized with adding aquadest. Then solid was dried for about 2 hours. To determine the success of the synthesis also been conducted an analysis physicochemical properties of zeolites material : the specific surface area, crystalinity, silica and alumina ratio, functional group by FT - IR analysis and cation exchange capacity analysis. The results showed that ash samples can be grouped into zeolite like material (ZLM). This is indicated by an increase of physicochemical properties. Specific surface area analysis results it was an increase in 4.975 m2 / g to 45.716 m2 / g followed with the formation of pores in the range mesopori. Crystaline Structure of fly ash (samples; mineral quartz and mullite) showed more intensity after treatment with acid activation. Keywords : fly ash, Adsorpsi, ZLM.

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