PengaruhP enambahanO ksidator Kalium Bichromat padaP engambilanM inyak Laka

Pawignya, Harsa (2010) PengaruhP enambahanO ksidator Kalium Bichromat padaP engambilanM inyak Laka. EKSERGI, X (2). pp. 11-15. ISSN 1410-394X

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    Cashewtr eesh aveb eenp lantedin IndonesiaT. he yield of theset reesh asb eenu tilized by many peoplea s snack that is delicious and special, while their skin is often been thrown away, so becoming waste, although they can be utilized. Laka oil (CNSL) is a liquid in cashew skin that has economic value, such as its utilization in glue industry, varnish,s yntheticr esin,i nsecticidef,u ngicide,p aint, brakel ining and clutchp late. In this study, the taking of laka oil from casheww as conductedb y usingp ressh ydraulica nd soxhletw ith petroleume thers olution.A fter obtaining laka oil, Calium Bichromate oxidator was added to improve the quality of laka oil obtained before. Variables studiedw eret he effect of materialw aterc ontent,p ressingp ressuret,h e time of pressingo n oil weight obtaineda nd the number of Calium Bichromate on oil resin content. From this study , with material of 100 gtams it obtained the best conditiono n materialw ater contento f 7,5 o/o, pressingp ressureo f 450 k! cm' , pressingt ime of 20 minuts, and the oil obtained was 8,5747 grams

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