Marnoto, Tjukup (2010) GRID CONNECTED SOLAR HYDROGEN ENERGY SYSTEM. EKSERGI, x (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1410-394X

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    Solar-Hydrogene nergy systemh as been regardeda s the future energys ystemt hat is clean, friendlyenvironnBnta, vailabilityo f renewablee nergyl €sourcesa nd easyt o transfero r delivert o the end user.T he grid connecteds olarh ydrogene nergys ystem(G CSHESh) avet he capabilityo f overcomingth e problenst hat occur on the grid connectedp owers ystem( GCPS)w hen therpi s a blacko ut of grid electricityM. oreover, standa lonep owers ystem( SAPS)r equiresb atteriesa nd largerh ydrogent ank capacityi s requiredf or higher energy generation.A n ergerinrentaGl CSHESh as been setup and tested.T he GCSHESc onsists of subsystensp hotovohaic(P V) array with 40 PV modulet ype multycrystalinw ith its capacityo f 5000W p, inverterc apacityo f 6000W , electrolyz sr capacrtyo f l9 scflh,h ydrogent ank capacityo f 1500l iter and fuel cell of 500W . The characteristicesq uationa nd maximump owero utput of PV wasp resentedT he rmnthly efficiency and perfornranceo f PV array is 12.7o/aon d 26%ow, hile the effici ency and perfonniancoef inverter is 911% and 98%or,e spectivelyT. he efficiencyo f electrolyzesr ubsystema nd fuel cell is 5lo/oa nd 25%o, respectivelyT.h et echnoe conomicaaln alysisin dictatedth at the payb ackp eriodo f this systemi s l8 years. Keywords:G rid connectedH; ydrogen;P hotovoltaic,E lectrolyzer,P EM Fuel cell.

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