Kontestasi Makna Dan Dramatisme Studi Komunikasi Politik Tentang Reformasi Di Indonesia

Agus Suparno, Basuki Kontestasi Makna Dan Dramatisme Studi Komunikasi Politik Tentang Reformasi Di Indonesia. Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi.

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    This research is political communication study that focus to the political language in- volving any interpretation and clash of argument to Reformation in Indonesia. Factually, any social problems can be caused of interpretation to the meaning. The quarrel, misperception, misunderstanding, misleading even conflict as well as war can be cause of interpretation to meaning. This research applied pentad analysis that scrutinize the analytic relation among scene, act, agent, agency and purpose. This analytic explained that many groups have different inter- ests by using Reformation as common groun in getting the ends. The results pointed out that there are five objective situations which form the context of Reformation reflecting the battle- ground of scene or stage where Reformation contention. First, student demonstration that in- sisted to Presiden Sohearto to step down. Second, IMF and World Bank want to liberalize the economy platform in Indonesia. Third, riots and massive destruction that happened in many places that make pressure to Soeharto. This pointed out the context of contention between ac- tors who conceive it as civil disobedience and social justice. Fourth, Golkar and its underbouw nominated Soeharto become Presiden for the seventh terms in office. Fifth, military frustated in facing demonstration and political changes. Five objective of situation formed the conditions that insisted Soeharto step down. This research seriously implied to politics, history and commu- nication itself in the social movement context.

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