Optimization of the Use of Railway Track Bearing Waste for Lighting Production

Nur, Indrianti and Oryza , Ashra Optimization of the Use of Railway Track Bearing Waste for Lighting Production. APCOMS 2009, The 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Manufacturing System. pp. 23-30.

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    Recycling is one of the better-knovn strategies for vr,stainable ntanufacluring. The aim of the strategy is to.focus manufacturers'attention to lhe.finile re.sotffces ovailoble lo mankind. Fttrnilure indtrstry is onn oT th, inichtsrries that are currently.facing a problem of resotrrce limitation, in parlicular in the need of troocl as ratt, material. This paper rleals |,fth the case of recycling 'ttrategy in a lighting manufacturing industry in lnclonesia. The manufacturer use,t rai[vay track bearing vasle ds rcnt ntcrterial to produce clecoratetl lamps. The problem is to cletermine vhiclt produc'l,s to be produced sttbiecl to the denmnd of lhe prodTrcts ard rnsogrce constraints. A linear programnting v,as ttsed ot an approach to the problem 'l'he result shotys thal oprimal production cottltl be determined by simttlating produclion ttlternatives ctf a raiht'av track hearing wasie. The optimal prochtction alternative vas then decided using a linear programming. Keywords: recycle, railtvay track bearing, lighting production, linear programming

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